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    “The Art of Walter Anderson”-PAPERBACK Click Picture to left for description.

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    Pelicans An indepth look at how American Master, Walter I Anderson, viewed Pelicans. “After you have lived on the island for a while, there comes a time when you realize that the Pelican holds every thing for you.” A quality pocket size book filled with wonderful illustrations by Walter I Anderson with essays and insight by Christopher Mauer and Walter’s daughter Mary Anderson Pickard. AVAILABLE DECEMBER 22, 2003

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    BIRDS! BIRDS! BIRDS! Walter Anderson’s Birds book is available for $55 each. On the left is a picture of the cover and following is an excerpt from his writings. “After you have lived on the island for a while, there comes a time when you realize that the pelican holds everything for you. It has the song of the thrush,the form and understanding of man, the tenderness and gentleness of the dove, the mystery and dynamic quality of the night jar, and the potential qualities of all life.”

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    Walter Anderson’s Illustrations of Epic and Voyage Sugg has divided Anderson’s illustrations into three catagories: “Figures and Attitudes,” composed of single figures such as Polydamas;”Scenes,” featuring interactions between characters; and “Sequences,” consisting of series of scenes from Pope’s Iliad, Don Quixote, Paradise Lost, and Bulfinch’s Legends of Charlemagne.

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    Fortune’s Favorite Child:The Uneasy Life of Walter Anderson In this new biography, Maurer explores the troubled life of one of America’s most prolific and idiosyncratic artists.

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    Dreaming In Clay An intimate family memoir about the power of love in the face of adversity: the passionate pursuit of art — and the brave art of living simply — by four generations of a fiercely independent Southern family. (#10032)

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    The Magic Carpet and other tales Hardback Book The Magic Carpet and other tales Retold by Ellen Douglas WITH THE ILLUSTRATIONS OF Walter Anderson

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    Walter Anderson Birds – Days to Remember

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    WALLS OF LIGHT: The Murals of Walter Anderson Anne King is the author of a comprehensive view of the Ocean Springs Community Center and W.P.A. Murals created by Walter Anderson. A personal and insightful introduction by Stephen Ambrose and John Lawrence did the remarkable photography

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    AN ALPHABET A collection of the 26 letters done in block prints by Walter Anderson.

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